The Lae City Authority is primarily responsible for providing municipal services in the Lae area in accordance with the Lae City Authority Act 2015.

Lae City Authority raises most of its revenue from rates levied against residential and commercial properties. Rates are a contribution each property owner makes towards the cost of essential services (roads, waste collection and storage, and wastewater services), community facilities and infrastructure provided by LCA, as well as regulatory responsibilities transferred to LCA by the National Government through the Lae City Authority Act 2015.

Ministerial direction given is to enable LCA to undertake:

  • All municipal functions and responsibilities in Lae District.
  • The LCA to administer the collection of all fees charges and taxes charged by the LLGs in Lae District.
  • The LCA to be an implementing agency for projects within Lae.
  • The LCA not to interfere with the Local Level Governments law making powers, but to give effect to these local level laws.

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