It is a legal requirement that all businesses operating within the City Boundaries of Lae City obtain the relevant trading licenses under the Local Level Government Laws. The Lae City Authority has established this online application website to facilitate businesses/vendors/companies with easy accessibility to forms applicable to the Local Level Governing Laws and requirements. The website will be populated with the relevant forms over the next few months.

There is an annual fee associated with the trading licenses, these fees are detailed in the online application. There is also a legal requirement that business are inspected prior to the approval and issuance of a trading license therefore the turn around period of trading licenses is 14 days. However if all the relevant information is not provided in the online application this could result in delays in the processing of the trading licenses.

The LCA will be working with all relevant stakeholders including the IRC and IPA when processing trading license application, therefore the LCA encourages all business operating in Lae City to ensure their Company certification and Tax compliance are up to date.