On April 23, 2020 the World Bank announced the 2nd phase of its Urban Youth Employment Program among three projects totalling over US$100 million for Papua New Guinea aimed at addressing some of the country’s most pressing human capital needs.

This program is scheduled to commence at the end of 2020 to be implemented by the Lae City Authority. A great step forward for the youth in all 6 Wards in Lae Urban and the 17 Wards in the Ahi Rural LLG.

As you know, Lae is the industrial hub of Papua New Guinea and through the hard work of Member for Lae and Minister for Lands & Physical Planning, Hon. John Rosso, the program will aim to improve the welfare and job prospects of unemployed young people in the city.

Under the project, communities in Lae can expect to see an increase in young people receiving training and engaging in public works activities like road maintenance, city beautification programs and waste management.

Providing opportunities for unemployed youths is a key priority of the PNG Government and LCA looks forward to working with the World Bank, LAE OPEN Electorate – JOHN ROSSO Dps MP and the Department of National Planning & Monitoring to deliver this project in Morobe Province. #ForABetterLae

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